Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Bye Bye Berty?

So we are off to Coombs on Vancouver Island this weekend, to scout out a parrot refuge for Bert. Bert is an Orange Winged Amazon parrot that my family took in as a favour to my Uncle Tom while he was back east; 20 years later we still have him.

Bert's journey started at the family home and then he became my roommate when I moved out. Even at this early age Bert was becoming very demanding and was not socializing well and our living arrangment never worked out; he moved back home to my parents. My mom now is dealing with what I went through when he lived with me and no one is having fun including Bert.

Surrendering your pet to anyone is always an emotional decision but we all feel Bert would be much happier living amongst trees and friends that will stimulate his mind and improve his spirit. Hopefully this avery is a place that will allow Bert to thrive.

I cannot say enough that "NO ONE SHOULD OWN A PARROT". Parrots have the mentality and brain like that of a 3yr old child for their entire life and need to be stimulated everyday.

Think about it...would you want to look after a 3yr child for 50 years?


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