Thursday, June 02, 2005

On My Way To Yellow

I choose to turn left a few years back and opened my own business, Dog Utopia. Like any likeminded crazy business person I thought I have to set myself some goals. #1 get the business to support itself and then to support me and help support my family. I have beenn successful and accomplished goal #1 & #2 now I am on to #3, I have to get my hands on an employee.

#3 has been the hardest goal to meet because other than having a financial impact on me, I also have to put my faith and my business in someone else's hands. Easier said than done. I had this "very early in the morning" idea and I must say brilliant idea...hire my trainer to work in the daycare in return for free rent. My trainer currently pays Dog Utopia a commission based on the number of clients that enroll in her obedience classes. I am one smart cookie. This arrangement will eliminate money changing hands so I don't have to worry about the government(s).

Now it is goal #4 that gets me excited. I need to increase my monthly sales enough that I can lease a NEW CAR. Let me just say "keep your eyes on the road you just may see me and Baxter cruising by in my new ride."
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