Friday, June 17, 2005

The Wait Continues

I got the call last night that my wonderful new glasses were ready, I would have skipped to the mall if it wasn't so far. After work Baxter and I headed out. It was an adventure for him because I have never left him in my car while at the mall, there is something sinister about leaving your baby (Bax is mine) in your car while you indulge in an addiction (shopping being one of mine). Anyway he survived, I was in and out real quick, so quickly that I really didn't pay attention to the frames until I got home. THEY ARE THE WRONG SIZE. So now I have to wait another week for the right ones, I hope my eyes can handle contacts for another week of 12 hr days.

Sunday is Father's spend time with your's and buy him a Caesar or shoes. Love you Dad!


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