Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Memory Scars

I have more than just memories of the Chris Isaak concert in Seattle. I have a blister from the sandals that I wore that night, that now has turned into a festering mess. This festering mess is now messing with me, I probably won't be able to wear my other fabulous gold sandals to another concert I am going to this weekend.

Will the festering blister scar?
Will I be able to look at it years from now and recall the fabulous time I had @ the Chris Isaak concert?

I have a bike accident scar on my right ankle. You would think that I was born in the 50's or something because for some reason my family didn't own a child's bike seat. Us Lees we are a creative bunch, why would we buy a bike seat when all you need is a pillow and duct tape. Vision me straddling the middle bar with a duct tape wrapped pillow between my legs. The words uttered by my mom are still mentioned to this day "Be careful Bob and Kris hold your legs out".

Up the alley. Across Smith Avenue. Just around the corner from the Morita's, our destination, WHAM, foot in the front wheel spokes, we go down. My mom says that even from blocks away she could hear me scream.

I wonder if I was a boy would my dad have transported me that way.



Anonymous Your Mommy said...

I still remember that scream - it hurt me too!

10:28 AM  
Blogger Marlush said...

haha. that is a great story.

3:52 PM  

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