Monday, July 25, 2005

Ridiculous Reasoning

Since I am the person that refuses or cannot start my weekend morning outings without Starbucks, I am then the person paying the big bucks for mine and Todd's coffees and breakfast goodies. If I refuse to pay I have to endure Tim Horton's and like many Tim fans who can't understand the Starbucks way of life I cannot understand the obsession with Tim Horton's, Yuck.

Anyway back to the purpose of this post. Why or should I say how do people come up with the ridiculous reasons why they don't like something. Try this one on....Todd doesn't like any bakery goodie that has fruit in it that needs to be cut into smaller pieces in order for it to comply with a recipe. Huh?

I think he must come up with his reasons on the fly, because in all of our years together I had never heard this one. So here I am at Starucks trying to to choose a goodie from Starbucks on Sunday morning and the most generic breakfast treat in the display was a blackberry & peach scone. I thought it was a was a pretty safe generic choice, WRONG. The blackberries were fine but the peaches...they are a fruit that needs to be cut into pieces. If you knew Todd you would know that he has many reasons for his tastes and his sometimes odd behaviour.

I went over as many fruits on route to Harrison and the two items that blew his reasoning out of the water; The cranberry and The raisin. He hates them both.

P.S. What happens when you are too old to squat over the toilet? Do you have to carry around toilet seat covers with you? Just a thought while I was in the dirty Harrison Hot Springs public bathroom.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wouldn't it be a shame if we were all the same. Enjoyed the same food, liked the same places, etc. etc. Dull - dull - dull!. Our little idiosyncrasies make us unique - set us apart from the rest, makes life just a bit more interesting. I wonder what the conversation would have been had Todd said nothing and went along with you rather than being unique - being himself. I'm happy not everyone goes to Starbucks, just makes a little less of a line-up for me! Hee hee!

5:16 PM  
Blogger Kris Lee said...

It would be boring if we were all the same. My comment is why not say you just don't like peaches. Since when does size have to do with flavour?

5:22 PM  

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