Friday, January 20, 2006

Just one typed word sent me back....


Just like this photo our's had worn away well-loved noses too.

An email request to back my sister's quest to inform others of the cute monkey that sucked his or her thumb got me thinking...our dad built us a little car (we had to have one too cause Emi had one) to pull them around on. It was quite awesome. It had a little box on the back for a trunk and it even had pink scalloped fringe around the bottom for ground effects. Our car had one major fault though, it lacked a 4th wheel. Having only 1 wheel in the front was the reason for many accidents, accidents that sometimes were on purpose if our cousin Jed was driving.

Oh cousin Jed, how he tortured my little sister by grabbing her Monchichi by the head and swinging its body side to side. Monchichis lack strong necks so even with my sister yelling at Jed I sometimes laughed cause it did look funny.

As I type memories are still flooding in, must find out if our Monchihis are still living at my parents house.


Anonymous Your Mommy said...

Isn't it strange - just last month you had me combing through the attic for your 80's shoes and now I suppose it will be some sort of monkey? I am here to say that I am one step ahead of least this one time. The monchichi's did survive and are doing well tucked away in their little corner, along with Barbie, Ken, Stawberry Shortcake, the Tree House Gang, Little Softies, various dolls throughout the ages, etc, etc, etc. Also the three wheeled cart with the pink fringe. If I ask myself why I kept some of these things....I will say it is for this very moment. A childhood should never be tossed away and if it is; it should be the choice of the child. I had myself a big smile the Christmas of 2004 when I gave back (to Wendy) a Bake Easy Oven she had given us in the 1970's. It was like brand new and was sold out that Christmas in the 70's. She gave it to me so you girls wouldn't be disappointed when you had asked Santa for one. She in turn gave it back to her daughter to create more memories. That's all folks!

3:12 PM  
Anonymous Lynn said...

Totally weird, someone at work was just talking about monchichis today. I used to bite the nose.

1:36 PM  

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