Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Lee Seattle Tour 2005

Things I learned while travelling to Seattle...

1. Dad loves to eat oysters in Conway, WA
2. My family should be offically sponsored by Vans
3. Airbeds suck to sleep on but are fun to blow-up
4. Mom was evacuted from the Space Needle during the Big Storm of '62
5. Dad will shop till 'we' drop if we buy him train stuff
6. Mom shouldn't drink wine while in bed, especially red
7. Marci can never have enough pairs of Vans

Seattle Trip Pics


Anonymous Mom Sharon said...

Definitely calls for a 2006 Lee Tour. We had sooo.....much fun! Love you guys for being such good sports. Must see what else we can find out next year!

9:31 AM  
Anonymous Space Needle said...

Space Needle :)

12:44 AM  

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