Thursday, November 17, 2005

A Huge Amount of Money Protects Us from the Elements

Work has finally begun on our beloved roof. Our quest for roofing quotes started last summer, we gathered enough quotes that we could have probably re-roofed the house will them. Honestly, we needed the past year and half to digest the idea that we had to spend the most amount of money we have ever spent on the house since we bought it. Something about spending that amount of money and have our house look exactly the same... is a pitter pill to swallow. When people come over we can proudly show our new roof "We chose the charcol colour to match the dark accents on the rest of the house, now the roof accents the pergola, which contrasts the lighter colour on the fence". HUH?

Funny thing is I have no idea of the roof colour and how it is going. I leave for work in the dark and return home in the dark.

I won't have a chance to see it until Saturday and believe me I will be beeming with poor home-owner pride when I do.


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