Monday, June 27, 2005

Hence my blog name...

To fulfill my pathetic need to be a part of all things White Rock, I am now an official Waterfront Greeter volunteer for the summer of 2005. I joined a group of other locals Saturday morning for our first day/orientation with White Rock Leisure Services department. As "official" greeters we will be adorned with white sailor hats (very Gilliganny) & blue polo shirts stating "Waterfront Greeters" on the back. Our daily mission is to walk White Rock's waterfront helping residents and tourists, ensuring that they don't leave with the only memory that the parking situation sucks. Hey, I got to meet the mayor and a few of the councilors.
My secret mission? Be a councilor and whip this city into shape.
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I'm the geek in the front row, 2nd in on the right.
Note to self, don't wear hair up when wearing silly Gilligan type hats.


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