Monday, June 20, 2005

"It's After Noon Somewhere"

Sunday morning found us on the sunfilled patio of the Gilnetter Pub celebrating Father's Day. We kicked off brunch with many Coronas, a bucket no less, and Caesar's. A quick glance around made us realize that we were kicking if off hard, no one else seemed to be drinking with such zest as our table and so early in the morning. A look at our table full of empty and full drinks prompted us to get in the buffet line and get some food in our tummies, we did come for the brunch buffet right? Or was it the shrimp accented Caesars?
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Some topics of discussion:

  • Vans and their many designs and colour combinations
  • Lawn Mowing
  • Dogs in cars
  • Camera Operations
  • Only cool guys drive Woodies
  • How come we are the only table drinking lots
  • Soggy rice krispie squares
The celebration of our dad and Mexican beer contined to my sister and Rob's house. After all the eating and drinking we decided a walk would do us good and help to burn off the big buffet brunch. Not even 15 minutes into the walk along the Coquitlam River we heard from behind, "When are we gonna turn around, we do have a lawns to mow you know." What is it with men and their lawns?

A great day was had by all and I hope all the lawns that had to be mowed, were.
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