Thursday, September 29, 2005

Fall, Winter...Good Times Can Be Had

Today has brought the wetest day in a very, very long time. No foolin' it's fall with winter closing in. I thought it would be a good idea to embrace, well maybe not embrace but accept the fact that winter is around the corner, and a good way would be to list the good things that can happen during our dreary fall/winter months.

-hot chocolate and marshmallows
-soup and sandwich dinners
-waking up and thinking that all I have to do today is be cozy
-no gardening
-laying in bed watching the rain fall
-the sound of rain drops on the roof
-the smell the heater makes the first time it is turned on after the summer
-buying a stylish pair of new winter boots
-cozying up in front of the fire
-a snowfall
-a hot bath after a long day's work


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