Thursday, September 01, 2005

Not Many Left

After way too many visits to the Weather Network and Environment Canada sites and calls to Todd "So what have you decided? Do you want to go or not?" We decided to think positive (what is one day of showers) and head up to Osoyoos again for the Long Weekend. It is the last long weekend and we don't want to waste it hanging around, so bright and early Saturday morning Ashley, Me, Cam and Todd we will be heading out. Yipee!

It is depressing that this weekend is the last long one for the Summer of '05. It's this time of year that I wish I lived in California, and had many more months to enjoy the sun and sea.

I have a Day Lily plant in my backyard that is my own personal official summer days counter. Everyday another lily flower dies and has to be dead-headed, as the summer draws to a close the number of buds drop and the alive flowers die off. Last time I looked there weren't many flowers left and to be honest is has been a while since I looked at it; if I don't see how many flowers are left I can pretend that summer isn't nearing it's end.

When my dad was a young man he had the opportunity to go work in California, I sometimes wonder how my life would be differnent if I was CaliforniaGirl. I have heard from many people that have lived in California (L.A.) that it is awful and that Vancouver is the best place to live. Vancouver is beautiful yes, but just think how much more Vancouver would rock if we had a summer that lasted longer...



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