Wednesday, August 17, 2005

MSN Chat Conversation

I have become an on-line shopper and am known to have had accessories and shoes shipped to the U.S. Post office by our cabin. Unfortunately this shipment 'round my father was down there a day early and my order wasn't in yet. I am in the process of working on Todd and get him to do my bidding.

This is our conversation from today and my ploy to get him to do what I wish.....
FYI, I am Beach Bum

Beach Bum says:
Wanna do me a big favour for an even bigger favour?

Todd says:

Beach Bum says:
you will probably say NO

Todd says:
Just tell me what

Beach Bum says:
Do u want to take a run down to the Pt Roberts post office tomorrow?

Todd says:
Not for shoes, roller skates, purses, hair care or make up product

Beach Bum says:
it isn't any of those silly things, it is a special high tech dog walking device

Todd says:
You mailed your mom to Pt Roberts?


Anonymous High-tech Dog Walking Device? said...

Guess I've been compared to worst gagits!

4:52 PM  

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