Monday, October 03, 2005

35 and 1 Day Old

So my birthday weekend has come and gone.

We got back from the cabin late last night so I don't possess the capability of being narrative, bullet form will have to do for now.

Some of the weekend happenings...
-Ashley and I DJing at the Reef and being the smoke machine masters
-Booting around on the new scooter
-Falling off the scooter and landing in the ditch (No scooters were harmed during this episode)
-Birthday presents
-Dancing to Big&Rich (I'm not a fan, but after multiple glasses of wine my feet move to just about any beat)
-Tipsy Group Grocery Shopping (T.G.G.S.)
-Sponge Bob Squarepants
-Eating hard, dry day old steak fries? Could have been older, who knows.
-Paydays and Almond Joys


Blogger Marlush said...

apparently i buggered the dates again. thought it was the 4th. so sorry i missed it (i think sean morgan's bday was the 4th...). sounds like a fun weekend :D

10:36 AM  

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