Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Todd Todd Todd, be cafeful what you wish for

Last night Todd expressed his concern and complained that he hasn't been mentioned in any prior entries. Can you believe this? This coming from someone that hasn't even found the time to read any entry until months after my first. I explained that my blog isn't super personal, and I don't really talk about anyone other than myself and my experiences. That is the purpose of a blog isn't it?

So here I mention him and his value to my blog; Todd has a camera phone. Now when we encounter anything that is screaming to be photographed I don't have to kick myself for not having my camera with me.

I vow to try to include Todd more, I just hope he will be okay with how I interpret him and his actions.

Dear Todd,
You are now in my hands. The world will see you as I see you, which may not be as you want to be seen. After a few entries you may be kicking yourself for saying anything to me.
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Love Eggy

P.S. I am not naked.


Blogger Marlush said...

LMAO at the i'm not naked comment. hahahaha

2:10 PM  

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