Friday, October 07, 2005

Can it be done?

I have visions of a sitcom episode when I think that I have committed to having my first Thanksgiving dinner this weekend. Under normal circumstances my mom would be feeding us, something she cherishes since it took her many, many years to wrangle it from my grandma's gravy covered hands.

Tonight I have to conquer the grocery store and get all the Thanksgiving fixings. I could wear my new Lululemon grocery shopping outfit; it's all the rage you know, shopping in skin-tight yoga wear. In typing the previous a thought popped into my head; if I wear "The Outfit" Todd would probably come grocery shopping with me. Todd lives by the motto that "if it isn't tight it ain't right", only problem is he may be to busy squeezing my ass instead of the produce.

Hopefully Todd will be by my side helping in the kitchen because there is no friggin' way that I am stuffing my hand up a poor dead turkey's bum.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I did that...I just found $25.00 in my winter's like winning the lottery!

8:53 AM  

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