Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Costco Conversation

Let me begin this post with "I don't care how much someone weighs, I am more concerned with how the weight affects their health".

We popped into Costco on Sunday for no reason other than to waste time we didn't have. After a disappointing browse, just finding pickled beans and granola bars I get in line behind a very overweight women, not just a few pounds overweight but more like 75-100. Anyway I am unsure of how our conversation started but this is how it went...

Woman: Funny how you stop in to pick up one item and you end up buying way more.

Me: I know, it seems everytime I pop in to buy a few items I have to go back to the entrance and trade in my carry-basket and get an actual cart. You realzize you need more than you thought.

Woman - I was in Safeway just yesterday to pick up a few things and I saw pumpkin pies on special; 2 for $5 so I bought 8.

Me(in my head): "8 PIES, what does one woman do with 8 PIES?" As a glance at her items I see a bulk container of whipping cream and I wonder if she will eat most of them herself?

Me(smiling): I love pumpkin pie. Have a great Thanksgiving and enjoy the pies.


Anonymous Mom Sharon said...

Marci's pumpkin pie was the best just like my mincemeat tarts....but no one ate one except me and Bob. What is with the newer generation? I was told is was the word "meat" when referring to a for thought don't ya think!!!

11:45 AM  
Blogger Carey said...

omg, that is so funny!!!

7:46 AM  

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