Tuesday, August 30, 2005

10 Things I Have Accomplished in the Last 10 Days

1. Learned how to fly a big advanced kite flyers kite. A kite big enough that if flown in the right wind conditions would be capable of picking me up off the ground.
2.Picked up the 2 pairs of fabulously sexy bronze sandals I ordered on-line from the post office.
3.Hung out with friends and watched 3 movies back to back while the rain fell on the cabin roof.
4.Survived an unexpected day of allergies with nothing but a roll of toilet paper.
5.Drank enough American beer while at the cabin to actually get drunk and obtain a hangover.
6.Ate at McDonald's twice in one day while on holidays.
7.Drove Todd's truck with the boat trailer in tow.
8.Filled the last pages of my current photo album.
9.Left early enough for Osoyoos that we arrived before noon.
10.Got tickets for 54-40's show at the Commodore in October.

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Just call me Rollergirl!

Just call me Rollergirl!
Just call me Rollergirl!,
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Just in case you don't know what to get me for my birthday.

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Reminiscing Already

We are back from Osoyoos. Second day back in reality and both of us are already longing for warmth, sunshine and the early morning thoughts of what should we do today. Breakfast? go for a swim? lay on the beach? boot around on the boat? buy beer? Yes to all.
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If you ever long to be somewhere other than where you are, I suggested logging on to Flickr and search the place you wish you were. This online photo album allows you to see strangers' photos, it is kinda like snooping where you shouldn't but you are allowed.

6:30am Friday morning, Starbucks in hand we head out for the desert heat. We got into Osoyoos around noon, checked into our hotel and then headed over to the boat launch and liquor store.
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Now just 3 days of enjoying life...
Sun & heat. Water & boating. Beach & swimming. Drinks & suntanning.
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Image hosted by Photobucket.com

FRIDAY (Arrive summer resort town - strip down to shorts and bathing suit, grab beer)
Everyone knows you can't go to Osoyoos without a floatation device and thinking like Todd, Todd buys the Cadillac of mattresses that is built for two with a bloody place for ice and drinks. Gone are the days of the single rectangular mattress.
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Faced with the thought that blowing this thing up would take days and the possibility of fainting we buy a pump. After about a half hour of pumping and nearing it's capacity a guest yells down at us and says, "There is a gas station air pump across from the hotel office". Huh?
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We drove up to the Burrowing Owl Winery for our big Saturday night dinner.
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Our appetizers were unique and delicious but the entrees were very run of the mill and a little disappointing.

With our wine finished and satisfied the mosquitoes were satisfied with their dinners, we ended our high-class evening and returned to Osoyoos for some yummy Dairy Queen ice-cream treats.
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SUNDAY (Arrive home - put on jeans and sweatshirt, grab beer)
Before we left Osoyoos for home we stopped at McDonald's for lunch. Normally eating at McDonald's once in a while isn't a big deal but it is when the first thing you do when you step inside is look around to see who's working...god forbid you are recognized by staff that was working the breakfast shift that same day.

You know you're in a resort town when...
the hotel manager asks you why you need an iron.

You know you're in a resort town when...
the Dairy Queen is open until midnight.

You know you're in a resort town when...
people are walking around in bathing suits drinking beer before noon.

You know you're in a resort town when...
you find yourself walking around in a bathing suit drinking beer before noon.

You know you're in a resort town when...
you say it's okay to eat McDonald's and find yourself there twice in one day for breakfast and lunch.

Monday, August 22, 2005

BRRRRRRRR it's Cold!

This time (7:53am) yesterday I was wearing a bikini and shorts, this morning I am wearing a bloody sweatshirt.

When did you say we were going back?

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

MSN Chat Conversation

I have become an on-line shopper and am known to have had accessories and shoes shipped to the U.S. Post office by our cabin. Unfortunately this shipment 'round my father was down there a day early and my order wasn't in yet. I am in the process of working on Todd and get him to do my bidding.

This is our conversation from today and my ploy to get him to do what I wish.....
FYI, I am Beach Bum

Beach Bum says:
Wanna do me a big favour for an even bigger favour?

Todd says:

Beach Bum says:
you will probably say NO

Todd says:
Just tell me what

Beach Bum says:
Do u want to take a run down to the Pt Roberts post office tomorrow?

Todd says:
Not for shoes, roller skates, purses, hair care or make up product

Beach Bum says:
it isn't any of those silly things, it is a special high tech dog walking device

Todd says:
You mailed your mom to Pt Roberts?

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Bodelicious babe from 1966!

Mom 1966
Mom 1966,
originally uploaded by White Rock Girl.
Title of this pic courtesy of my Mom herself...
This may just start a trend. Once a week or whenever I get around to scanning a picture I will post one from the Lee archives.

Monday, August 15, 2005

Write Something Profound Damit!

I am geek which means I have many geeky personality disorders. One of them is my need to always write something profound in every card I give with the hopes that the receiver will be so moved with my comment that they will keep the card forever and possibly cherish it.

So after much thought I was finally was able to write something in the wedding card for last Friday's wedding, unfortunately it was forgettable enough that I can't even remember it. How can someone write something profound about a subject they themselves haven't even experienced yet, but that it a different topic all together.

After the exhausting task of writing in the card you could only imagine the pressure I felt when I discovered that the newly married couple omitted the traditional guest registry and asked every guest to write something on a 4"x4" piece of fabric. A piece of fabric that would soon become part of a quilted blanket they would lay on their living room couch for all to read.

I found myself standing at the table staring a pile of fabric pieces asking myself out loud "What am I supposed to write?" Only to hear a quiet 4 year old voice "You can write whatever you want, just pick what colour square you want to write on".

Obviously her creative juices were flowing. Mine weren't.
"Waiter another glass of wine please."
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Baxter stayed with Marci, we picked him up on our way home from the wedding.

Even a cute smile cannot cover up a drunken hairdo or drunken bloodshot eyes.
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Thursday, August 11, 2005

Friday feeling on a Thursday morning

7:24 Thursday morning and it is nice that some of my Thursdays have become Fridays. Two Fridays a month Jane works at the daycare, now I get more long weekends than most of the general public. I have worked long hard hours for the last two years and I have the right to GLOAT!

I got a spray tan last night...if anyone has ever wondered about the whole spray tan phenomenon you got to try it. I am definitely addicted to my tanned, no longer pasty white legs and enjoy wearing shorts and little skirts.

The spray tan is the Hollywood secret that finally leaked out. We now can all look like we live the divine life of the California elite.

Going to a wedding tomorrow that may be the most expensive that I have been to in a long time.

P.S. No amount of money can buy taste but can buy a fabulous sun kissed look.

Friday, August 05, 2005

Eyepatch or Visor?

Back at the clinic again last night for a follow-up, the prescription that was prescribed for my eye last week didn't work, a more thorough exam this time revealed that I have an ulcer again.

I am so fed up with the eye situation I am contemplating wearing an eyepatch.

I have already endured one social function where I had to wear my glasses and now I will probably have to wear them to a wedding I am going to next weekend.
VAIN NOTE: My glasses don't go with the outfit I planned on wearing...I now have to rethink my wardrobe. UGH!

Don't get me wrong I love my new Gucci's eyeglasses, I just long for my contacts. Not being able to wear my contacts means I can't wear my sunglasses, so I have been developing squintting wrinkles due to the fact that is has been bright and sunny everyday for the last three weeks. I may just have to wear one of those silly face visors that shield you from the sun; now that would definately go with what I want to wear to the wedding.


The sarcastic humour in PART I was very short lived, now I am just pissed. My sensitivity to sunlight that I thought was eye drops related is actually a symptom of ulcers. I guess I will have to get used to being blind and wear my sunglasses, the sunlight is actually more pain in the ass than not being able to see.

Again another social function has felt the wrath of my left eye. I had to back out of a boat trip with Todd and his Dad. Sunlight reflecting of the ocean, just the thought of it hurts my head. Oh did I mention that headaches are also a symptom too.

P.S. If you see me on the street don't bother to wave because I won't be able to see who you are, or on the other hand, everyone wave at me because I will just assume I know you and wave back anyway.

Thursday, August 04, 2005

Bad Dog

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Baxter decided today would be a good day to walk over and visit his neighbour down the street. It wasn't until he was delivered with the daily mail that Todd even realized he was gone. Maybe it should be Bad Todd?