Thursday, September 29, 2005

Fall, Winter...Good Times Can Be Had

Today has brought the wetest day in a very, very long time. No foolin' it's fall with winter closing in. I thought it would be a good idea to embrace, well maybe not embrace but accept the fact that winter is around the corner, and a good way would be to list the good things that can happen during our dreary fall/winter months.

-hot chocolate and marshmallows
-soup and sandwich dinners
-waking up and thinking that all I have to do today is be cozy
-no gardening
-laying in bed watching the rain fall
-the sound of rain drops on the roof
-the smell the heater makes the first time it is turned on after the summer
-buying a stylish pair of new winter boots
-cozying up in front of the fire
-a snowfall
-a hot bath after a long day's work

Monday, September 26, 2005

Bubbles, Bike, Chris Isaak..Oh My

I was at a club on Saturday night that I had been to before many, many years ago. Club 88 it was called in the early 90's, many of my friend's and my cousin's band played there. Obvious to me upon entering it's more profitable to host bubbles than to support local bands and their music.

Do you think Gwen Stefani ever thinks of the people that love her music and that they enjoy dancing to it on a dance floor full of bubbles?

It's good to know that even as old as I am (35 in 6 days) I still see stuff that is new to me. People dancing on a floor full of bubbles that spew from a unit high in the nightclub rafters with hopes of meeting Mr/Miss Perfect. I wonder if they think how disgusting it is in the spew of bubbles? And that they are swapping cooties even before they hook up? YUCK!

Aside from the disgusting cooties, who would want to ruin a good pair of shoes? Attire casualty...I guess to some it could be worth it.

And on a fabulous note...I got tickets to Chris Isaak & Silvertone. It makes me giddy to think that I will be in their presence again and hear them live. The sad part is that tickets were sooooo expensive that I could only afford to get tickets to one of the shows, not both. Feel my pain....

P.S. I cleaned and polished my new ride this weekend too. Can't wait to cruise the streets of Maple Beach.
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It looks like this one, but blue. I will have to name it..Any suggestions?

Sunday, September 25, 2005

Barks of Birthday Wishes

Happy 4th Birthday Baxter!

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Love Your Geeky Accessory Loving Libra Family

What does every Libra dog want? More accessories of course! I ordered his birthday present on the weekend; a pewter skull and crossbones dog tag. VERY COOL!

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Birthday Wish List

Looking to buy me something special? Just click the boot..Size 8
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Your Favourite Place...

I was reading a blog this morning, she asked her readers to tell her about their favourite place. So off and running with my morning coffee in hand I tried to post the following but her site wouldn't accept anymore comments. So I thought why not do the same thing on my site, I may learn of new destinations...Write on.

My favourite place...has always been the family cabin in Point Roberts, Washington. With all the construction and change that my hometown and all the other surrounding cities have endured I find peace knowing that when I cross the border into Point Roberts everything is the same. Change is slow, almost non-exsistent in our little cabin community.

As I get closer to the shore and come down the hill into Maple Beach, the smell, the sounds comfort me and my soul. A cabin that has been in my family since my dad was a young boy, I spent many summers frolicking on the sandbars.

A smile sweeps across my face everytime I think of our cabin...I am so lucky to have a place that my family, future family and friends can gather and enjoy life and each other.
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And every summer you can still find me frolicking on the sandbars, usually now with a cocktail in hand.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Summer Ending Blues Cure

Just announced this morning...Chris Isaak tickets go on sale this Friday. I have been waiting for this announcement for what seems like forever, I almost started to believe that it wouldn't happen.

So summer officially ends at 3:23 this afternoon...this time of year always depresses me. At least I have 54-40 @ the Commodore in October and Chris Isaak & Silvertone @ the River Rock Show Theater in December to look forward to.

Friday, September 09, 2005

Wishes & Thoughts on a Friday

Happy The Day After Your Birthday Dad!
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Dad & Party Guy

Everyone had a good time last night and I am sure that the lonely Thursday night staff @ Charlie's were happy to see us and Guy.
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For some reason I didn't take any pictures, will have to wait for Marci's.
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Todd & Party Guy

It's a rainy Friday morning and I am looking forward to tonight and cozying up in front of the television to watch the Chris Isaak show. We have been away what seems to be every weekend since the beginning of August so I am happy to stay home this weekend. Home is where my heart is....

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

The Lake Swallowed My Hat and Other Stories

Ashley, myself, Cam and Todd had fun in the Osoyoos sun and continued too even when Sunday had a little rain for us.

Saturday started with a brand new tube and ended without it...after 4 whips around on the tube it decided that was enough and riped. I didn't tube but opted to relax and spend the day reading on the can't beat sitting in a chair in the water with the waves lapping around your ankles while enjoying a drink.

We awoke to a slightly overcast Sunday morning and slowly arrived at the idea to visit the new Spirit Ridge Vineyard Resort & Spa.
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Funny how we all didn't feel that great from the night before at the Sage Pub but found ourselves standing at a wine tasting bar...they do say the best thing for a hang-over is the Hair of the Dog. I have never really believed in the Hair theory, I always found that pathetically laying around the house is the best cure for me.

The wind really picked up while we were at the winery so we decided to go fly Ashley and Cam's kite. The wind was so strong, Cam had to hold on to Ashley for fear that his bride would fly away.
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Fast foward. Wind, kite, water and drinks...and we find ourselves back on the water inventing the next best thing in water sports...Kite Matttressing. All we need is a guinea pig. Cam?
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The rain really started to pelt us at this point so after a few attempts we called it a day and headed back to the dry warm hotel.

Best way to spend a gray rainy evening? Lay around and watch Sponge Bob Square Pants the Movie.

Come Monday the weather had done a complete turn for the better, we awoke bright eyed and bushy tailed to clear blue skies. Yipee!

Todd and I walked to Tim Horton's for breakfast while Ashley and Cam stayed behind. The early demise of the first tube and the fact that the Holiday Inn was selling off their tubes because it was the end of the season was just cause enough to purchase a new tube.
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Knowing that this weekend holiday could very well be our last of the summer we hung out, swam, tubed and enjoyed each others company for as long as we could; that is until we realized we had drank every last ounce of beer, wine and vodka we brought with us.

We were just laying about enjoying our last drink when out of the blue Cam spotted a stampeed of horses approaching, they ran right by us along the shoreline. It was like watching a movie.
Very surreal. The Black Stallion comes to mind.
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Funny how in the moment of taking a picture you sometimes capture more than the picture you you are taking...note the tanned hottie leading the stampeed.

A sign for me that summer was almost over happened while on route back to the boat launch. While trying to get a photo of Ashley tubing my straw cowboy hat flew off my head right into the lake, who knew raffia straw would sink so fast? I find solice knowing it had a good summer.

I can speak for all of us when I say that the combined kite flying and tubing gave our pecs a good workout, a little pain as a reminder of a fabulous weekend of fun in the sun.

See you next year Osoyoos!

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Partied with the lost socks for a while...

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These pictures are from Ashley's and my trip down to Seattle to see Chris Isaak in July. I emailed these pictures from my parents back in July and they just arrived this morning. I don't know where they went, I just hope they had a good time.

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Thoughts of ALL

As I watch the footage and see all the pictures of Katrina's wrath I can't help but think of all the defenceless animals.

My thoughts are of the families that have endured Katrina with hopes that you are ALL safe, including your four legged family members.

Not Many Left

After way too many visits to the Weather Network and Environment Canada sites and calls to Todd "So what have you decided? Do you want to go or not?" We decided to think positive (what is one day of showers) and head up to Osoyoos again for the Long Weekend. It is the last long weekend and we don't want to waste it hanging around, so bright and early Saturday morning Ashley, Me, Cam and Todd we will be heading out. Yipee!

It is depressing that this weekend is the last long one for the Summer of '05. It's this time of year that I wish I lived in California, and had many more months to enjoy the sun and sea.

I have a Day Lily plant in my backyard that is my own personal official summer days counter. Everyday another lily flower dies and has to be dead-headed, as the summer draws to a close the number of buds drop and the alive flowers die off. Last time I looked there weren't many flowers left and to be honest is has been a while since I looked at it; if I don't see how many flowers are left I can pretend that summer isn't nearing it's end.

When my dad was a young man he had the opportunity to go work in California, I sometimes wonder how my life would be differnent if I was CaliforniaGirl. I have heard from many people that have lived in California (L.A.) that it is awful and that Vancouver is the best place to live. Vancouver is beautiful yes, but just think how much more Vancouver would rock if we had a summer that lasted longer...